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Introduction to the 1&1 Control Panel
New to 1&1? This video covers navigation of the 1&1 Control Panel to manage all aspects of your account. We cover loggingin to logging out and everything in between!
Introduction to Dynamic Cloud Servers
New to the world of Dynamic Cloud Servers? We take you through the basics of configuring and managing a 1&1 Dynamic Cloud Server.
Purchasing a Domain
Learn how to check the availability of domain names that interest you. If one of your preferred domain names is available, secure it for yourself by registering it with 1&1.
Transferring a Domain from GoDaddy
Save yourself some money in domain registration fees by making the switch from GoDaddy to 1&1! With 1&1's great service and lower prices, there's no reason not to!
Incoming Domain Transfer
Have a domain registered at another company? Learn waht is needed to get your domain transferred to 1&1 safely.
Moving a Domain from Package To Package
For customers that may have many packages under the same account, learn how to easily and quickly move a domain from one package to another package.
Domain DNS Transfer
Are you a web developer creating a website for a client that already has a domain? Find out how to point the domain to your 1&1 package without fully transferring the domain!
E-mail Account Setup
Learn how to create e-mail accounts "at" your domain purchased through 1&1. Choose between a forwarding account or account with a mailbox and log in to Webmail.
E-mail Setup for iPhone
Step-by-Step instructions to guide you through the process of setting up your 1&1 e-mail accounts on your iPhone.