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SSL Starter Certificate Troubleshooting

For issues stemming from the 1&1 SSL Starter certificate included with all 1&1 packages

Learn how to handle common errors which occur while assigning your SSL Starter certificate to your domain(s).

During the SSL configuration process, a certification authority performs various security checks. Any issues found at this time will result in an error message.

SSL Starter Error Message
SSL Starter Error Message
Please see the table below for the most common error messages and tips for correcting these issues.
Error Message Suggestion
The Certification Authority (DigiCert) could not complete the DNS-based validation process for your domain. This situation usually occurs if the DNS settings have been changed or set up recently (i.e. for a newly registered domain) and have not propagated throughout the Internet yet.

Please wait and try again later.
Your order could not be completed because the security check performed by the Certification Authority (DigiCert) has failed. This situation usually occurs if the domain name includes registered trademarks or sensitive keywords.

Please contact 1&1 customer service if you get this error message.
Your order could not be completed because the contact details of your 1&1 account are incomplete or invalid. Please review your contact details in the 1&1 Control Panel, then try again.
Please note:
The SSL Starter certificate does not come with support from GeoTrust.