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Prevent SSL Business Order Delays

The duration for authorizing a GeoTrust True Business ID (SSL Business) is generally around 2 days but can be much longer if additional information is requested from the customer.

In order to reduce the potential for delays, please check the following before your order:
  • Ensure your domain WHOIS information is set to public
  • Ensure phone numbers are in international format (e.g. +1 1234567890)
  • Ensure your company is listed in public registries for your country
  • Ensure that company staff are reachable via comapny telephone numbers listed publicly (i.e. from company website, WHOIS, online directories, etc.)
  • Ensure that staff are aware of a potential call from Symantec and know which contact to forward the call to.
  • Check your voicemail and e-mail regularly. Symatec will leave a voicemail or send an e-mail if a company contact is unreachable.

After your order is placed, continue to monitor the SSL Status in your 1&1 Control Panel for additional notifications or alerts that may require action on your part: