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Add the GeoTrust Secured Seal on Your Website

Once your SSL certificate has been set up, you can add the GeoTrust True Site Seal logo to your website as verification to your viewers that the website has been secured by a legitimate SSL certificate issued by GeoTrust. The seal appearing on the web page can neither be copied by the mouse right-click nor be saved. The current date and timestamp appearing on the seal guarantees the authenticity and currency of the seal.

Please reference the installation instructions provided by GeoTrust.

The instructions will inform you to place the following script in the HTML of your web page anywhere you want the seal to appear.

<SCRIPT LANGUAGE="JavaScript" TYPE="text/javascript" SRC="//"></SCRIPT>

Please note:
The GeoTrust seal will only work on webpages for the domain that has been issued the SSL certificate. Currently, the seal for the SSL Starter certificate is not available.

Trying to add the GeoTrust seal to a webpage of a domain with no SSL will result in an error. The inclusion of the SSL seal is dependent on and governed by the acceptance of the Geotrust general terms and conditions.