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Reset Root Password on 1&1 Cloud Server (Ubuntu)

For 1&1 Cloud Server with Ubuntu Linux LTS 14:04

Learn how to reset your administrator password to gain access to your 1&1 Cloud Server.

Please note:
If you have not set your personal password when you set up your 1&1 Cloud Server, and if you have not changed the initial password, which has been generated automatically, you can have the initial password shown in your 1&1 Cloud Panel.
Step 1
Start the KVM console.
1&1 Cloud Panel
1&1 Cloud Panel
Step 2
Reboot your server via the 1&1 Cloud Panel and note the booting messages in the KVM console. 1&1 Cloud Panel
1&1 Cloud Panel
Step 3
In the GRUB2 menu, press e in order to edit the boot options.
Step 4
At the end of the line starting with linux, add the following command: init=/bin/bash
Step 5
Press F10 in order to continue the booting process.
The server will now be booting into a root shell without requesting a password.
Step 6
Wait until you have received the command line prompt that says root&(none):/#.

you have to attach the system partition with read/write access using the command:

mount -o remount,rw /
Step 7
Now you can change the password with passwd change:
Enter new UNIX password:
Retype new UNIX password:
passwd: password updated successfully
Step 8
At the end you still need to restart the server:
reboot -f

The server boots up again in the normal system. You can then log in using the new password.

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