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Transfer Files with FileZilla via SFTP

For 1&1 Linux Hosting packages

Transfer files such as your website to your 1&1 Hosting package webspace using FileZilla.

You upload and download files to update elements of your website including HTML files and photos, for example. For security reasons, we recommend establishing a secure connection with SFTP. Unlike FTP, SSH File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) establishes an encrypted connection to the server using Secure Shell (SSH). That provides the connection with better protection from third-party access.

This guide shows you the setup using FileZilla as an example and may therefore differ slightly from your program.

Step 1
Open FileZilla.
Step 2
If you configured settings on an unencrypted FTP, please change your saved FTP credentials as described here for your own security.

Access your saved SFTP connection data using the server manager.

FileZilla quick bar
FileZilla quick bar

Opening the server manager

Alternatively, you can enter the data manually using the quick bar:
For the server, enter the 1&1 subdomain. Your FTP user name and FTP password are then displayed. For the port, please enter 22 (for a secure connection). Then click Connect.

FileZilla quick bar
FileZilla quick bar
Step 3
Wait until you are connected to the server. You have now established an encrypted and secure connection to the server and can work with FileZilla. FileZilla connection status
FileZilla connection status
Step 4
Select the folder that contains the file. Click the file that you want to upload. Folder path
Folder path
Step 5
In the right-hand window, you can see the folder structure of your webspace. Select the folder to which you want to move the file. Drag the file from the left-hand window to the right-hand one. The file is now uploaded to your webspace. Folder path
Folder path