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Update to the Linux Operating System on Hosting Server

For 1&1 Shared Hosting and 1&1 Managed Server packages with a Linux Operating System

In Q3 of 2016, we carried out an operating system update on Linux-based shared hosting and managed servers. This udpate allows you to benefit from a better use of resources, higher system security, and the use of current security protocols such as TLS 1.2.

With this update, new scripting language versions as well as new database libraries will be used. If you use one of the following scripting languages or libraries for your website, please ensure that your scripts are compatible with the following versions that have been installed:

New Versions:
  • Perl 5.20
  • Python 2.70 and 3.4
  • Ruby 2.1
  • Berkeley DB 5.3
More Updated Software Packages:
  • Web Server: Apache 2.4
  • Improved security protocol: TLS 1.2
  • Modern Architecture: 64-bit support (eliminates 32-bit support)
Please note:
If you were using 32-bit applications, such as the ionCube Loader or Zend Guard Loader, please update them to 64-bit. These Help Center articles can walk you through the process:

Manually Install ionCube Loader

Manually Install Zend Guard Loader
Outdated Directive:

With the update to the Apache 2.4 web server, it is possible that older directives may cause an internal server error when accessing your website and using a .htaccess file.

1. Download the .htaccess file through FTP or WebspaceExplorer.
2. Open the file with the editor of your choice.
3. Change the first line to a comment by putting a hashtag (#) at the beginning.
4. Save the change.
5. Upload the .htaccess file back into your webspace.
6. Load your website and check if the internal server error occurs again.
7. If the error is still present, remove the hashtag from the first line and add it to line two. Continue this process of commenting each line in succession until the file uploaded finally stops the error. Once this occurs, you have found the obsolete directive.
Outdated Directive:

If you use the directive Options All (-Indexes, -DirectoryListing, etc.) in the .htaccess file, please delete the word All as this is invalid.

Joomla! Applications:

After the update to the new operating system, some Joomla! installations may encounter the following error:

require_once 'cache/Lite.php';

You can fix this issue by editing the configuration.php file in the Joomla! Main directory. Replace the line:

public $cache_handler = 'cache lite';

with this line:

public $cache_handler = 'file';

After saving the change and uploading the new file, your site will be operational once again.