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Information Regarding PHP4 Phaseout

What is PHP?

PHP is a popular programming languange commonly used with Linux based hosting platforms. Many commonly known Content Management Systems are based on PHP such as Wordpress, Drupal, osCommerce, etc.

What is the PHP4 Phaseout plan?

1&1 has offered PHP4 and PHP5 for many years but the default version still remains set to use PHP4 for older packages. PHP4 has not been supported by its developers since 2008, although many have not made the switch yet to the new version of PHP5. Because of the lack of support from the PHP4 developers and the security issues inherent in this older version, 1&1 has planned to phaseout PHP4 completely by August 1st 2013 and only offer the newer and more secure version 5 of PHP.

What packages are affected by the PHP4 Phaseout?

All Linux Hosting packages and 1&1 Managed Servers will be affected.

Will my website still function after switching from PHP4 to PHP5?

There may be some small adaptations needed in order to conform to some of the differences between versions or there may not. You can easily Change the Default Version of PHP in the Control Panel so that you can test all your sites on the new version of PHP before 1&1 disables PHP4 support in August 2013. It will still be possible to revert to PHP4 in case there are issues until August 2013.

Is there any action required by me?

If you decide not to take action, any websites you are running that utilize version 4 of the PHP language will automatically be forced to use PHP5 starting August 2013. It is recommended that you test your websites using PHP5 before that time so you can assess if any changes need to be made in order to adapt to differences between versions.

Why am I receiving database connection errors?

PHP5 is only able to connect to MySQL 5 databases. When switching from PHP4 to PHP5, you will receive database connection errors if you are still using an older MySQL4 database. You will need to Migrate Your MySQL 4 Database to MySQL 5 in order to complete the migration to newer versions. If you migrate your data from a MySQL 4 database to a MySQL 5 database, the database name and username will change. You will also have to make sure that you update your MySQL connection details for your CMS or website so that it connects to the new database.

What are the notable differences between PHP4 and PHP5?

You can find an overview of notable information regarding Migrating from PHP 4 to PHP 5.0.x from the website.

Is there any way to continue using PHP4?

Full support for version 4 of PHP has not been supported by the PHP developers since December 31st 2007. 1&1 will continue to offer PHP4 until August 1st 2013. Starting August 1st 2013, 1&1 will discontinue PHP4 and all PHP scripts will be forced to use PHP5 by default.