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Information on Using MySQL Databases

To ensure that your MySQL requests run smoothly and performance is fast, please consider the following information:

  • Capacity of the Database Server

    Do not use the MySQL databases for so-called heavy-load usage (e.g. chat systems, log analysis, add clicks, banner exchanges, and others). While programming, please make sure that the database servers are not overloaded, for example, by using the indices wherever possible. Avoid these and performance will increase.
  • Exceeding the Database Quota

    In our current packages, you have 1 GB storage space available per database. If you exceed this limit, your write access on this MySQL database will be automatically blocked until you go back under the limit. Following the clean up, your quota will be updated later that night, so it may occur that even if you optimized the database and have enough space, you can only write again the next day.
  • Security Limits

    Our MySQL servers are only available directly through a conection from your local computer, not via ODBC or others. This protects your data from external attacks.
  • Other Limits

    While planning your usage, please note that you can only create a maximum of 18 parallel connections to a database.
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