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Permanently Remove Deleted E-mails in 1&1 WebMail

Follow the steps below to ensure that e-mails are permanently removed when you delete them.

By default, the 1&1 WebMail system will move deleted emails to the Trash folder where they can be viewed and restored if necessary. As a result, since deleting emails are simply transferred to the Trash folder, deleting emails from the Inbox does not free up space in your mailbox. To permanently remove these emails, they must also be deleted from the Trash folder.

As an alternative to this, you may set the configuration of the webmail system to permanently remove deleted emails. Using this option, deleted mails are not moved to the Trash folder, but deleted right away instead. Please note that by permanently removing deleted mails, you will not be able to recover any mail that has been accidentally deleted.

Step 1
Login to the 1&1 WebMail system at using your full email address and password. Webmail login portal
Webmail login portal
Step 2
Once logged in, click the settings icon towards the top of the page and then select Edit Settings. Webmail home page
Webmail home page
Step 3
Click Mail from the Basic settings menu and then check the box next to Permanently remove deleted E-Mails. Settings menu
Settings menu

Your changes will save automatically.

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