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E-mail Policy

Please adhere to the following policy when sending e-mails to 1&1 mailboxes.

Please note:
To protect users and the 1&1 systems, 1&1 reserves the right to temporarily or permanently refuse to accept e-mails if at least one of the following conditions is not fulfilled.
  • The e-mail sender must respect the legal requirements of their own country, wherever they do not contradict the provisions stated here. For senders from the USA, this primarily refers to complying with the legal provisions of the Can-Spam Act.
  • The sender must comply with the standards defined in RFC 5321 and RFC 5322.
  • The technical information used in the e-mail (e-mail header) and the sender details must not be falsified. The recipient must be able to identify the actual sender of the e-mail.
  • The delivering server must have a static IP address. It must also be configured correctly. In particular, this applies to having the correct reverse DNS entry for the IP address used.
  • The receipt of e-mails with malicious, immoral, or illegal content will be refused. In particular, this applies to e-mails infected by viruses or trojans or those that provide a link to sites infected by viruses or trojans, e-mails with seditious content or that provoke illegal acts or glorify violence, or e-mails that provide links to sites that do this. E-mails that aim to illegally capture the recipient’s credentials will also be rejected.
  • Bulk e-mails or e-mails with commercial content can be sent only to users who have explicitly given their consent. The recipient must be provided with an easy option for protesting against the transmission of e-mails of this kind.
  • Bulk e-mails or e-mails with commercial content must contain a valid legal section. This includes valid, non-electronic contact information such as the complete postal address and phone number.
  • The sender must ensure that addresses belonging to users who no longer exist are not used again.

1&1 reserves the right to use external lists, such as IP lists (RBL lists) or hash lists to sort and reject e-mails.

In addition to this, 1&1 reserves the right to seek legal action against users who infringe on this e-mail policy or to temporarily or permanently block the receipt of e-mails for such users.