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What is the E-mail Subject Analyzer?

The E-mail subject analyzer (found in the Anti-SPAM section of your 1&1 Webmail settings) checks the subject line of each message sent to your mailbox. It looks for certain words generally associated with SPAM in the subject line of the e-mail. It also checks the header of a message to see if a spammer has tried to manipulate the information contained there, such as the date, time, or mail server name, to make the mail appear legitimate.

A message will receive a value based on how many SPAM criteria are detected and how many non-SPAM items are found. Based on this system, the messages which contain the highest level of SPAM criteria, are most likely SPAM. The criteria is primarily example based. By using the Spam and Not Spam buttons in Webmail, you can help train these filters to be more precise.

Select a level for the analyzer. This level will determine how many criteria must be met before a message is marked as SPAM. Although medium is recommended, many people prefer to begin with low:

Low - This only filters out messages that contain many SPAM criteria. If you find too many SPAM messages reach your Inbox, you can switch to medium.

Medium (recommended) - This filters out messages that contain a good amount of SPAM criteria.

High - Any thing which meets the SPAM criteria will be marked as SPAM. This may result in non-SPAM messages being marked incorrectly as SPAM.

As can be seen in the image below, if Custom is chosen as the Spam Protection level, you must check the box for Enable subject analyzer to enable it and select its level of filtering.

Anti-Spam Setttings in 1&1 Webmail
Anti-Spam Setttings in 1&1 Webmail
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