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Transfer DNS of an External Domain between 1&1 Accounts

Follow the steps below to move an external domain (pointing to 1&1 DNS) from one account/package to another.

Please note:
Following the steps below will not transfer the website files, databases, e-mail accounts, etc. with the domain. It is suggested to create a backup of all the data associated with the domain before any transfer or alteration of domain settings.

It is possible to set up a domain in another account as an external domain (DNS Transfer). Since the domain is already set up as an external domain (DNS Transfer) in one 1&1 account, the domain will have to be removed from this account before the option is available to perform a DNS Transfer of the domain in another account/package.

If you want to fully transfer a domain from another registrar to 1&1, you will have to complete a Transfer of Registrar.

Step 1
You will have to log into the 1&1 cancellation site using the Customer ID and account password of the account that currently has the domain set up as an external domain (DNS Transfer). You must then Remove the External Domain from Your Package so that it can be set up as an external domain in another package.

This process does not cancel the registration for the domain as it is not registered with 1&1. This process will simply remove the domain from the account so that it can be added to another.

Step 2
It may take up to 24 hours for the domain to be removed from its current package. Once the domain has been removed successfully, you may then follow the guide to Point the Domain to 1&1 Name Servers to set up the domain as an external domain in another account.