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What is the Redemption Period?

As a safety precaution to help prevent people from losing their domains to domain grabbers, there is a 30-day redemption period for all domains that starts as soon as a domain name reaches its expiration date.

In effect, the domain name enters a state of "limbo" where the domain name is no longer active. However, no one else is able to register the domain name during this period. This gives the previous domain owner 30 days to re-register the domain if he/she did not intend to let the domain expire.

If your domain was registered with 1&1 and has now expired, you may re-register the domain name by e-mailing from the email address assigned to the 1&1 account that held the domain. 1&1 charges a one-time redemption fee of $90.00 for such a recovery.

Please note:
The redemption fee does not include the registration price of the domain, which will still need to be paid to register the domain in your name for the upcoming year.

For a list of domain prices, please reference this 1&1 Domain Price List

Only domains that have been registered with 1&1 can be re-registered after their expiration. If the domain that has expired was registered at another company, you will need to contact that registrar to recover the domain from the redemption period.

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