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Differences Between the New Domain Management Area and Domain Center

The new domain management area of the 1&1 Control Panel is now standard for all 1&1 hosting customers as of January 20, 2017. It has a similar look and feel to the 1&1 Control Panel and provides direct access to the following functions and information:

  • All domains in your account in one place
  • Useful filtering by name, subdomain, status, expiration date, and more
  • Profiles for easy linking to internal or external web pages
  • Easier access to important settings and information
Functions still found in the Domain Center:
  • Moving domains between contracts
  • Editing contact details
  • Editing DNS settings
  • Managing SSL certificates

You can access the Domain Center from the new domain management area by clicking Advanced Settings.

How to Open the New Domain Management Area
  • Log in to your 1&1 Control Panel (US/CA) and click Manage Domains or Domains.
  • Log into Domain Management directly: (US/CA)
Redesigned Domain Management Area in the 1&1 Control Panel
Redesigned Domain Management Area in the 1&1 Control Panel
The new domain management area will replace the Domain Center in the long term.

The new domain management area does not yet contain all of the advanced settings and functions from the Domain Center (old domain management area). Our goal is to integrate the remaining functions into the new domain management area step by step. Once all of the functions are contained in this new area – and all settings can therefore be edited in the 1&1 Control Panel – the last step will be to deactivate the Domain Center. We will inform you directly as soon as we have more information or know an exact date.

More information about the new features
  • All domains at a glance: In the new domain management area, you can see all your domains no matter which contract you have selected. Most of the functions can even be used directly without selecting the domain's contract at all. If you should need to switch to another contract, we will let you know. You would prefer to see the domains for one contract only? No problem! You can adjust your view accordingly using the filter settings.
  • System domains are hidden: System domains are free and are only needed to create a new project. Since system domains can be distracting in the domain management overview they are not displayed by default. If you still want them to be displayed you can set the filter settings accordingly.
  • More clarity: The new domain management area is clear and user-friendly. From now on, you will only have to click the desired domain in the overview and all details and the most important information and settings for the domain will be displayed. Alternatively, you can also select the desired function directly using the "Actions" column.
  • Use your domains more easily: The new domain management area makes it even easier to use your domain. Simply click "Use domain" in the details. Now you can create, for example, a new website for your domain, connect your domain with an external provider or social media services, or manage all e-mail addresses for your domain.
  • Advanced settings: Advanced settings, such as DNS settings, can be found in your Domain Center just as before. You can either go to the domain overview via the "Are you a domain expert" section or in the details via the link "Advanced Settings".