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Explanation of an SPF Record

An SPF record can prevent unauthorized e-mails being sent from your domain.

SPF (Sender Policy Framework) is an anti spam method which is based on the authorization of the sender of an e-mail. The SPF record is additional information in the DNS settings of your domain. It defines which mail servers are authorized to send e-mails. This means:

  • The receiving mail server checks if the received e-mail comes from an authorized mail server.
  • The e-mail will only be delivered if the sender information of the e-mail matches with the information saved in the SPF record.

For example:

You own the domain and you want to make sure that e-mails sent to your domain may only be sent via the 1&1 mail server. Set the SPF record:

"v=spf1 -all"

As a result, for example, the recipient of the e-mail can reject the receipt if it has not been sent via a 1&1 mail server.

With the command all you can define how such e-mails should be treated:

  • -all: Hardfail, the e-mail won't be delivered
  • -all: Softfail, the e-mail will be delivered as spam