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IMAP Connection Details for an Exchange Account

Configuring your Exchange account as a IMAP account will provide ONLY e-mail functionality using your Exchange account. When using IMAP, you will not be able to access the additional features of Exchange such as the calendar, tasks, Public Folders, etc.

For help on setting up your Exchange account for full functionality, please reference on of the following articles.

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To configure a IMAP Server for your Exchange e-mail you will need the following information.

Server Type: IMAP
Incoming Server:
Incoming Server Port: 143
Incoming Server Port (using SSL): 993

Outgoing Server:
Outgoing Server Port: 25 or 587
Outgoing Server Port (using SSL): 25 or 587
Account name/User name: Can be found in your Control Panel under MS Exchange Account (e.g. e123456789)
Password: Your Exchange account's password

For additional information, you may want to reference: