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Tips for a Secure Password

With these recommendations, you can create a secure password that protects you and your data against unauthorized access.

Recommendations for a secure password:
  • Use a unique password for each account
  • Do not use words that can be found in dictionaries (or common misspellings of those words)
  • Do not use details from your personal life, such as birthdays, your name, etc.
  • Do not share your password
  • Change your password regularly (Recommendation: Every 90 days)

When you set up or edit your password on the Change Password page (US | CA), a security check will guide you towards creating a better password.

A secure password includes:
  • At least 8 characters
  • Upper and lowercase letters: az, AZ
  • Numbers: 0-9
  • Special characters: ~! @ # $% ^ &amp; * () _- + = {} [] |:; <>,.? /
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