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Understanding Your Invoice

A breakdown of a sample invoice is provide below. You can always download a copy of your current or previous invoices from the Invoices page of the 1&1 Control Panel.

Sample Invoice

Section A

Section A provides you with invoice and account-specific information, such as:

Invoice Date Date the invoice was generated
Customer ID Your account number
Product ID The product or contract ID of the package being billed
Invoice No The unique number used to identify the current invoice

Section B

Section B lists the product or package name as well as the start date of the current period being invoiced.

Section C

Section C lists charges line-by-line for additional items or services associated with the product or package.


The Service column lists the name of the service, package, product, or add-on being billed.

Any service named Basic Fee corresponds to the charges for the product or package itself (named in Section B). Not every invoice will include the Basic Fee, as it is charged in advance of the upcoming billing period. For a package with a 12 month billing period, you will only receive an invoice once every 12 months for the Basic Fee, but may receive additional invoices throughout the year for addtional products or services.

The Usage column corresponds to the set billing period of the service, package, product, or add-on. Billing periods may be for 1, 3, 6, 12 or more months at a time.

The Total is calculated by multiplying the Charges by Usage (billing period) for that item.

Credits, discounts and refunds are listed as a separate line item, typically just underneath the item it applies to (as shown above).

The Total amount due will be deducted from your payment method within 3 calendar days of the invoice date.

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