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Retry a Failed Payment Attempt

Learn how to correct a failed payment attempt on your 1&1 account.

You are able to retry your payment through your Control Panel without contacting the billing department. If your account has been locked or frozen, follow the next steps to check your invoices and see if it is the result of a failed charge.

Step 1
Log in to your 1&1 Control Panel and select the relevant package.
Step 2
Upon logging into your account, you will automatically be directed to the invoices page of the control panel displaying a list of your invoices. If a charge for an invoice has failed, you will see an indication of this above the list. Click the Update payment data button to proceed.
Invoices menu
Invoices menu
Step 3
Please Check the current Payment Data to ensure that the information is correct (the account contains enough money for the charge, the card is not expired, the account has not been terminated/suspended, etc.). Update the Payment Data by clicking the Change payment method link if necessary.

If the Payment Data is correct and valid, click the Save button to automatically retry it.
Payment Data page
Payment Data page
Step 4
A message informing you that the Payment Retry is scheduled for the next payment batch processing.
Confirmation message
Confirmation message

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