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Administrative Forms

Use the chart below to determine what type of form is required to complete your task.

A form may not be needed since most operations and updates can be completed online. Please reference the Further Information box at the bottom for links to articles providing more information as well as how to complete the task online if possible.

Please note:
Please fill out all required fields and e-mail or fax it as directed below.
I would like to... Use this form... Submit it to...
Update My Address
Reset My Control Panel Password
Change of Account Ownership
Add/Remove Company Name
Account Change Request Form E-mail:

Fax: 1-610-560-1501
Cancel My Package
Cancel a Domain
Cancel Other Package Add-ons
Account Cancellation Request Form E-mail:

Fax: 1-610-560-1507
Transfer My Package to Another 1&1 Account Contract Transfer Request Form E-mail:

Fax: 1-610-560-1501
Recover an Expired Domain Domain Redemption Request Form E-mail:

Fax: 1-610-560-1501