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Redirect/Forward Your Domain in the 1&1 Domain Center

Learn how to set up an HTTP redirect for your domain. This will redirect visitors of your domain to another domain of your choosing.

Step 1
Log in to your 1&1 Control Panel and select the relevant package.
Step 2
Click Domain Center from the Domains panel.
Domains > Domain Center
Domains > Domain Center

Step 3
Select the domain from the domains list. Domain List
Domain List
Step 4
Click Edit Destination from the Domain Settings section. Domains Settings options
Domains Settings options
Step 5
To change the destination, select Redirect (A) and Enter the URL into the Redirect destination text box (B). Then select HTTP redirect (C) as the type.

Click the Save button when you are finished.

Please note:
Frame redirect allows you to mask the domain you are forwarding to and allows you to enter a title and meta keywords and descriptions. This way, if you have a Frame Redirect for to, when someone tries to view, the URL will still say, but the page that loads will be the Google page.
Domains Settings options
Domains Settings options
Step 6
Click Yes to confirm the change.
Confirmation window
Confirmation window

You will receive a message when the process completes.

Completion window
Completion window

To turn off the redirect in the future, simply set the destination back to Webspace in step 4.

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