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Edit/Change a Domain's IP Address (A record)

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If you are using the 1&1 name servers (DNS), you can change the DNS settings (DNS zones, DNS records) such as the A record. The A record is the DNS record that holds which IP address the domain should point to. By default, this will point to the IP address for your 1&1 hosting package however you can always change this so that the domain points to a different IP address.

You can only edit the A record of a domain that is hosted with 1&1.

It is suggeested to read why a domain's DNS settings are Unmodifiable in case you encounter this problem during the steps below.

Step 1
Log in to the 1&1 Control Panel using your Customer ID OR domain name and your password.

If you have only one package, you will land on the Administration page. If you have more than one package, select the package in question to reach its Administration page.

Package overview
Package overview

Step 2
Click the Domain Center link from the Domains panel.
Domains > Domain Center
Domains > Domain Center

Step 3
Check the box next to the domain and click the Edit DNS Settings button from the Domain Settings tab. The Domain Settings tab is below the New tab
The Domain Settings tab is below the New tab
Step 4
If the domain is not currently set to use the 1&1 name servers, you will not be able to change the IP address within the 1&1 Control Panel. You will need to update the IP address with your current DNS host.

Select Other IP address and enter the four parts of the IP address within the text boxes. Each number separated by a dot(.) should be typed into a separate text box.

Click the Save button when finished.

The Save button is to the right of the Reset button
The Save button is to the right of the Reset button
Step 5
A confirmation is displayed that the domains will be updated. As with all DNS settings, it may take 24-48 hours until the settings are fully updated and recognized by all server/computers on the Internet.

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