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Domain and E-mail Verification with Google Apps

For domain owners with a google account

Learn how to verify your domain with a TXT record or your e-mail address by implementing the DKIM authentication method.

You can verify your domain by adding a digital signature. This confirms that you are the owner of the domain. With the DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM) process, your outgoing e-mails are signed using a private and public key. This allows the recipient's mail server to determine whether the e-mail really came from the sender address or if it has been forged.

The procedure described below requires that you already have an appropriate TXT or DKIM key, which you created using your Google account.

Step 1
Log in to your 1&1 Control Panel and select the relevant package.
Step 2
Click Domain Center from the Domains panel.
Domains > Domain Center
Domains > Domain Center

Step 3
Click the arrow icon next to the domain in question to display a list of options. Domain manager
Domain manager
Step 4
Click Edit DNS Settings. Domain manager
Domain manager
Step 5
You will need to add the DKIM key as a TXT record. Scroll to the TXT, SPF and SRV Records section of the menu and click Add Record. DNS Settings menu
DNS Settings menu
Step 6
Enter the DKIM key in the provided text box and then click Add. TXT record manager
TXT record manager
Step 7
Your DKIM key will now appear as a TXT record. Click the Save button to finalize the process. TXT record manager
TXT record manager
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