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Forgot Your 1&1 Customer Password

For 1&1 Hosting packages

Learn how to request a new customer password from the home page of the customer login portal.

Step 1
Access the login portal.

Enter your Account number, 1&1 Username or domain name in the Customer ID box and then click Forgot Your Password?.

Login portal
Login portal
Step 2
Enter your 1&1 customer ID or your 1&1 user name and confirm by clicking Check. User ID check
User ID check
Step 3
You can choose how to receive the link for your new password either via e-mail or letter. In this example, we've selected to receive the link via e-mail.
Please note:
For security reasons the link is active for up to 48 hours. If the link has expired, please repeat the process.

If you have requested a password reset link and you never received, check your spam folder to see if it may have been redirected there. If your e-mail address can not be reached, the delivery is carried out automatically by mail.

If you opted to receive the letter, you will receive it with a password reset link and a 12-digit PIN. The validity period of the link and the PIN is 10 days.
Redeem password screen
Redeem password screen
Step 4
Enter your customer ID or user name in the appropriate text box. Enter the new password and then repeat the new password in the appropriate text boxes. Once you are finished, click Change to activate your new password. Password change menu
Password change menu
Step 5
You will receive a confirmation message informing you that your password has been changed successfully.
Confirmation message
Confirmation message
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